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Nature Calendar 2022

These images are of the month of March for a calendar that was for the year 2022. The theme for the calendar was nature. How I choose what illustration was what grew or represented the month. 

Still life

These images are a still life sketch of a vase on a block and a salt shaker be it. This sketch was to show proportion and the way the light was coming from. It also shows the shadows from each object. The most interesting part of drawing this sketch was making the vase look so realistic with the shading and proportions. 


These images are of a set of sticker sheets. The theme is desserts. The vibe that I wanted to give to the customer is that they are cute and fun stickers that can be put anywhere they want. The color scheme of being muted colors added to the cute and comfortable vibe that I wanted to give off. It is a stick sheet that could be used at a dessert shop. 


 Here are images of a charcoal drawing. This drawing is a still life of a skull on a block. Sketching this really challenged me to learn how to shade for open objects. This sketch has a lot of detail included and capturing that in the sketch was very important to show that it is a real object. It needs to come to life.


Here are images of the final version of a magazine I designed. In this magazine there are three design based articles. One of the articles was one that I did all the layout for and the other two were from other students. I  changed very little the of the layout and elements of the other two articles. The magazine name on the cover came from finding words that really showed high end design. The cover image were of images of models that the teacher provided. I had to take those images and and change them to be more design. What I did with them was make them have a splatter effect on.  The big color background on the cover is a close up of one of the model images face paint.

Flower Landscape

This painting was for a project that I got where I got to pick what I could paint. I choose to do a landscape of the sky, clouds, grass, and flowers. To try something new and out of my comfort zone I added another element to the painting. I show this image of a wooden heart with a faded painted edge. I took sticks from my backyard that were different sizes and cleaned them up and painted them in tints of purple. Then I glue them on a black heart cut out. Doing that made it so they made a heart shaped. I then place the wooden heart on the canvas to finish the painting.